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Smooth as honey with consistent sustaining flavor with every sip.


Straight forward and direct delivery of bittersweetness with every sip.


Rich, sweet, and bold flavors that continue to blossom with every sip.

The beginning of Our Story

We weren’t always coffee drinkers; but then we turned into believers! We filled up our cups with quality coffee and Christ! 

What is in that Bean?

 Antioxidants: Caffeine and Polyphenols.

Long ago, goats grazed on coffee berries and leaves. They were found frolicking around with an incredible jolt of giddiness.

Who wouldn’t want that effect?!

This eventually gave rise to a monk drying and boiling the berries and leaves to help keep awake during prayer time.

Thus began the cultivation and daily consumption of the oh so loved coffee bean. 

Stay tuned for FAQs on quality coffee product and the beans that are in your cup!


WHat’s in your cup? 

Fill up your cup of coffee with the king of kings and GO boldly each day. 

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We are dedicated with diligence in our research of quality products, educational findings, and community reviews. 

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