About King of Kings Coffee

Owners of King of Kings Coffee Tom and Kathleen Crandall

Welcome to King of Kings Coffee. We fill up our cups daily by reading the word. When doing that, God works in weird and wonderful ways! Neither one of us would have ever imagined wanting to start a coffee review business. Neither one of us are coffee addicts. We like a good cappuccino and latte, and love coffee flavored ice cream, and when we do drink coffee, it’s usually DECAF!!! But that doesn’t stop us from sipping on the occasional caffeine, or sampling the wide variety of coffee flavors and beans from around the world. A coffee snob (ahmm connoisseur) is in fact hidden within even the ‘occasional’ coffee drinker.

Before King Of Kings Coffee began, our vision of any kind of coffee had always been that of daydreams. I used to say “If we had a house with a balcony, that’s where we’d have an espresso machine. We’d sit on the balcony and and sip on cappuccinos every morning while reading a newspaper and eating toast with jam and butter.” You know, one of those ‘if we ever have… then we’ll …” ramblings. Well, something changed during the 2022 Christmas season. For the last time, out of seriously hundreds of verbalized “If we ever had a…” conversations, we flipped the script. Don’t wait for the view to change in order for the new experiences to begin. We bought an espresso machine – no balcony included, but oh how the perspective has certainly changed!

The birth of King of Kings Coffee has allowed us to share our appreciation and knowledge of coffee products, health benefits of coffee, as well as coffee concerns with our expanding community. And more importantly, King of Kings Coffee encourages us to share what matters most – Loving God and loving others.

We are grateful to have YOU as part of our community!

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